July 10, 2014

Use-what-you've-got embroidery thread cards


Over the years, I have ended up amassing quite a collection of DMC embroidery thread. Thread, it seems, much like yarn and headphones, comes out to party when you're not looking and soon turns into a big tangled mess. Then, inevitably, the little paper band with the colour number gets lost. Am I alone in this? Anyone?

I have seen beautiful examples of storing thread wound around clothes pins before - and Pinterest is full of great ideas! -  but I didn't want to buy clothes pins just for this and I thought it would take up too much space (I really do have a lot of thread), so I opted for floss cards instead. Now, I didn't want to buy the cards either, because... why would you buy cardboard when you can have it for free? In my case, I used paint chips to make the cards. Ready for a super-easy, diy floss card tutorial? Turn your favourite programme on, 'cause you'll be here for a while.


  1. Grab some cardboard or thick paper. Here, I used paint chips in neutral tones, but your possibilities are endless: cereal boxes, old calendar pages of greeting cards, pretty cardstock... whatever you have on hand.
  2. Cut your paper of choice into rectangles. Mine are roughly 4 x 5 cm (1 5/8 x 2 inches), but they're all slightly different, which doesn't bother me.
  3. Use a 1-inch (2.5 cm) circle punch to punch out semi-circles on either side of the rectangle. Using scissors, make two cuts to secure the end of the thread (see in next step).
  4. Wind up your thread. Don't forget to write the colour number in a corner! Repeat 100 more times and enjoy!

Some further ideas and suggestions:
  • I created an Excel spreadsheet to catalogue my stash as I was going through it. This way, next time I'm about to begin a project, I will know what colours I already have on hand.
  • For now, I'm just throwing the wrapped cards into a shoebox. You can most certainly purchase a nice storage box and organize the threads by colour. How pretty would that be? I need to get on it.
  • The link above also has a great tutorial on how to wind your thread using a drill and a special tool (appropriately called a bobbin winder). I have also seen genius tutorials on how to do the same using a sewing machine. Maybe next time, when I'm tired of my current set-up. :)

So. How do you satisfy your organizing itch? What have you untangled/put away/colour-coded lately?

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