July 11, 2014

Of bare bottoms and German lessons

This morning, I violated my number one rule of day-to-day parenting: never let the nine-month old go bare-bottom in the morning. And boy did I pay for it.

Wait. Wait, you're saying. I thought this wasn't that kind of blog. Well, I guess it is a little. Because when you spend almost every minute of every day hanging out with a baby, some topics tend to crop up more often than others.

I wish I were posting about a new crochet pattern or a fabulous recipe I've come up with, but the reality is that I just spent an hour cleaning poop out of the carpet. Yee-haw.

But wait! It's not all that bad, because I did it while listening to German lessons. See? Combining the mundane (and slightly icky) with the intellectual.

Have you ever heard of German with Michel Thomas? It's great! The Michel Thomas method is based on learning through listening to an audio recording of a teacher (Herr Thomas himself) and two students, without writing anything down or memorizing. So far, it's really interesting and engaging. Granted, I have taken a German class previously, so the material is not completely new to me. I wonder how it would work for someone who has never learned anything about it before.

Happy weekend!

Photo of my flying daughter by me

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