January 28, 2013

January Happenings

Have I been MIA on this blog for over a month? Yes, I have. Has January been a long and frustrating month? You bet! Am I glad to turn the page on it? Yes, please! But before we fall into February, here's what I've been up to, in no particular order:

- The picture above is of our very own underground. We live in a signature Montreal row house: the house has three floors, each of which is an apartment with its own separate entrance. Our apartment is on the ground floor, so we actually have access to the basement/underground from our entrance hall. We got to explore it last week when, due to butt-freezing temperatures, our hot water pipes froze and refused to yield any water. Down went D to get some sense into the wretched things. He managed to thaw them with the help of an old radiator, using Christmas lights as an extension cord. Festive!

- I have been enrolled to help Lisa with her grandiose crocheting project and can't wait for my hook and thread to arrive! I check the mailbox several times a day, even when I know the mailman hasn't passed yet. If you're interested, drop her a line, she is probably still on the lookout for helpers!

- For Christmas, D gave me Geninne's Making an Impression. I love everything Geninne makes and this book has had me itching to try some stamp-carving of my own. It is such a gorgeous book!

- Meet Totoro, the latest addition to our family! If you have never seen the animated movie by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, it is a must. If you have, you know why we wanted him in our home! I used the pattern written by Lucy Ravenscar who has some of the best amigurumi crochet patterns out there. Pretty soon this grey Totoro will be joined by his blue and white companions. It's a party!

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  1. Adding Totoro to our watchlist. He's adorable. :) Stay warm! :)