December 12, 2012


Ever since 2001, I had a thrill every time we fell on a day that matched all three numbers. I always loved writing down the date and it felt somehow special and exciting! Today is the last "triple date" we are going to have in quite a while, and it makes me a little sad, I must admit.

Are you doing something special today? I didn't have anything twelve-related planned, but we are setting up our Christmas tree! Maybe it should have a hidden 12 somewhere in there...

In other news, Katy from no big dill is having a fun instagram party where she invites everyone to post a photo of their day at 12 minutes after each hour.

And on a more global scale, how does the One Day on Earth project sound to you? I can't wait to see the result!

Happy 12.12.12, everyone!

D took the photo above at the New York Public Library last time we were there in October. 

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