December 12, 2012


Ever since 2001, I had a thrill every time we fell on a day that matched all three numbers. I always loved writing down the date and it felt somehow special and exciting! Today is the last "triple date" we are going to have in quite a while, and it makes me a little sad, I must admit.

Are you doing something special today? I didn't have anything twelve-related planned, but we are setting up our Christmas tree! Maybe it should have a hidden 12 somewhere in there...

In other news, Katy from no big dill is having a fun instagram party where she invites everyone to post a photo of their day at 12 minutes after each hour.

And on a more global scale, how does the One Day on Earth project sound to you? I can't wait to see the result!

Happy 12.12.12, everyone!

D took the photo above at the New York Public Library last time we were there in October. 

December 10, 2012

Gnome Goodness!

In my last post, I promised that I will publish my first attempt at a pattern. And so, ladies and gentlemen... today.... for the first time in the (short) history of this blog, I give you.... Mr. Gnome!

One day, I was going around my usual business when it hit me: we need a gnome. Because every house needs a gnome, that much is certain. So I sat down and drew one up. To my great surprise, I liked what I had come up with! Before I got cold feet, I hastened to make one out of felt. And now our home is officially gnomed! Mr. Gnome's favourite hangout is a giant pine cone we have in our living room, but he is very inquisitive and is often found in other locations around the apartment. We just can't get enough of his chubby legs!

Chances are you need a gnome too. If so, don't be shy and grab the pattern!


Mr. Gnome PDF Pattern

Here's how to go about assembling your gnome:

1. Cut one of each piece (and two for the hands) out of felt. The back is one solid colour of your choice. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of Mr. Gnome's back, but I chose a mustard yellow piece of felt for a fun contrast (you can sort of see it a little at the seams).

2. Using the dashed lines to guide you, glue the beard to the body and face first and then overlap with the hat. Glue the hands to the arms and the arms to the body.

You can use fabric glue if you have it, but I used regular white Elmer's glue and it holds well enough. Check the completed front against the back to make sure they are the same size.

3. After the glue has dried, you can start embroidering all the fun little details on the gnome's front. Add some beard hair and hat bling, perhaps a belt or cuffs. I added two little felt circles to define his feet in a colour to match the hat.

Make two French knots for the eyes, add a nose and a little smile to give you gnome some personality. You're almost there!

4. Starting at the one of the hat's bottom corners (I found that being the best place for me to start, but it's your call), stitch the back and front pieces together. I used a simple running stitch, but you can use a whip stitch or a blanket stitch or any other stitch you fancy.

A little before finishing, stuff the gnome, taking care not to over-stuff. He must be plump, but not bulging. Sew up the hole, tie off, hide the thread, and enjoy your new companion! Don't forget to give him a name!


Sewing not your thing? You can cut the front pieces out of paper and make a sweet little gnome card! Who wouldn't want one?

This being my first pattern, any feedback is appreciated! If you post about a gnome you made following this pattern, I would be delighted to see pictures! And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask me!


{Mr. Gnome hanging out with some owls from last year.}

This pattern is my own creation and is for personal use only. Please do not sell the pattern (as is or modified) or any gnomes made from it. Thank you for your understanding.