November 30, 2012

DIY of Christmas Past

With the holiday season in full swing (or almost) and December just around the corner, my head is constantly filled with new holiday-inspired crafts, "christmas diy" is my most frequent Pinterest search, and half-finished projects are littering the apartment. I can't wait to share some of our recent undertakings with you!

But first, here is a little round-up of last year's crafts along with the tutorials I used, when applicable. Maybe some of them will inspire you, too! (These photos are all mine, so please don't use them without proper credit!)

From left to right, top to bottom:

- Fabric-covered foam balls (via Whip Up). Such an easy way to get the sewn look without all the hassle!
- Glitter-covered pine cones. These are so simple to make and look stunning on the tree.
- These happy hoots (via Juicy Bits). I have no words to describe how awesome they are! I made these as presents and sewed up a parliament for our own tree.
- Pretty mushrooms from Oh the Cuteness!
- Felt matryoshka and fish ornaments of our own design (the fish was actually D's contribution)

These are all coming out of their box once our tree is up. I am so excited! I find that ornaments make such sweet keepsakes and presents: they are not cumbersome, very personal, and give joy year after year!

Happy crafting and stay tuned for some more ornaments (and my first pattern!).


  1. They're lovely! Looking forward to your ornament pattern! I would love to make some more decorations this month! :D

  2. Do you have the pattern for the felt matryoshka? I would love to make some for Christmas presents this year.

    1. Hi Emily,

      I'm happy you like my matryoshkas, but unfotunately I do not have a pattern for them. I just free-handed them and they need a little more work before they become a pattern... But I've seen some good ones floating around the web! Good luck!

    2. Glad you're planning to work on them... I'd love a pattern by you, as well! x x