May 30, 2012

It's not easy being green

Browsing my favourite blogs today, I came across two articles from unrelated and very different bloggers about the reality of green living in our daily lives. Have a look here (Zoe from Slow Mama) and here (Robert L. Peters).

It got me thinking about how the concept of  green living is a modern society phenomenon. Our ancestors didn't need to think about living green because they didn't have the options not to. They walked a lot more, they washed and rinsed by hand, they re-used and repaired and handed down.

Now progress happens because people want to make life easier and more diverse and I am not ready to give up our washing machine or our computer or our road trips. I am, however, glad that there is a collective awareness about the issues of technological progress and a will to incorporate green practices into our daily lives. I don't know if these two balance out. I am certain that not everything that seems or claims to be "green" really is. I am far from perfect in this domain, but I am willing to make a daily effort and I am happy that so many people are as well and, what's even more important, they are passing this willingness on to their children.

What do you think? Are the green living gestures we pose in our everyday life worth it and do you often think about what else you can do?

Photo by Tania (Montreal's Botanical Garden).

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