May 18, 2012

Crochet update

It's been almost four months since I have picked up crocheting.... and it is addicting in every way. I just wish I took pictures of all the items I made and gave away as gifts. So I want to share a couple of the projects I did manage to snap a picture of as well as some other lovely patterns to try out. 

My first project was the one proposed over at Craftyminx's online Crochet School, which I eagerly followed and still refer to in times of need. Craftyminx dissected a simple wrist warmer pattern for beginners in a video crochet-along. Not only was it a great starter project, the wrist warmers turned out to be very comfy. You can see me sporting them on my profile photo! Although, I must admit that after a week of wearing them in the desert while hiking and camping and a couple of ski trips around here, they are not looking as nice and shiny as they once did. 

I made a headband using the same technique and it also turned out great. And simple!

A more ambitious project was an elephant amigurumi. Inspired by this pattern, I made two elephants: a lime green one for my brother-in-law and this sweetie for my husband:

We love him! He lives on our dresser and keeps himself occupied by sucking up dust bunnies when we're away.

Then I went on a pear kick and crocheted these two guys to hang out in the kitchen. I found this sweet pattern by Planet June here (she always has the most adorable top-quality patterns). Pretty! And very fun to throw around. I'm already thinking of crocheting a bunch of colourful fruit for future kids to play with. :)

And these are all the pictures I have to share right now (totalling three, that's right). I am now crocheting a sun hat for a little girl's first birthday as well as a cami for myself. Will let you know how those turn out!

Here are some yummy crochet items that have caught my attention recently, in no particular order:

La Casa de Coto over on Etsy has some deliciously colourful poufs. Can you imagine lounging in a pile of those?
Inga over at Rockpool Candy boasts this brilliant little rug.
Doesn't this crochet bib necklace look like a fun addition to an outfit?
Back to Planet June for Mop Top Mascots. Mop Tops!!!

So, what do you think? Has any of you been up to some crafting lately? Sharing is good for you (and for my curious self).

P.S. We're due for some good weather this weekend in Montreal. Hope that you will have some sunshine as well. Go out and play!

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  1. Those items are amazing!! Love the elephant! Lots of toy fruit's a great idea for future kids too! :)

    The only crafting I've done lately is to make a bag for my Mum's birthday (tomorrow!). That was just sewing though! :)