April 4, 2012

This and that

Hello friends!

Posting has been very slow lately, I know. I promise that I shall catch up and post all about the crafting I have been up to, including an update on my crochet adventures. I got to crocheting many things, but some of them have unfortunately already been given away. Must remember to take pictures before I give my creations as presents. Without boasting (alright, maybe with a little boasting), I must say I'm getting quite good at this!

Today, I just want to share some of the most wonderful finds and interesting posts that have been populating my head these past few days.

This morning, I woke up entirely obsessed with all shades of purple. I blame this breathtakingly beautiful post. The funny thing, I couldn't even remember why I was crushing on purple until I re-visited this image. So putting finds in the inspiration folder does pay off!

Here are some other finds in no particular order:

This Sharpie-dyed shirt. Looks so professional!
The beautiful modern paper sculptures by Helen Musselwhite.
There has been a season-appropriate conversations about de-cluttering and getting rid of old stuff going on over at Bryallen's blog. I'm in the mood for some spring cleaning!
I love looking at her photos.
Another appropriate topic: blogging lessons from SlowMama. So glad I found her blog! She is a source of endless inspiration.

And this is it for now. Hopefully, I will post something more substantial in the weeks days to come.

Lots of love all around!

P.S. I spy with my little eye a carpet of blue spring flowers from my window this very instant. Can't wait for the weekend!

Image taken from the Brigg post


  1. I keep meaning to give my sewing machine another spin. Thinking of making some bunting to hang when I move. :)

    Nice one on the crocheting! Would love to see some photos of the next creation!

  2. Can you believe I grew up with a seamstress mother and two sewing machines (including an industrial-type monster) in the house and yet don't know how to use one?? I'm planning on catching up on that, though. Let's do that together!
    If you do make some bunting, please share it!