April 11, 2012

How is it growing?

Haha. Don't you love my title. I am so witty. How is it growing? (Please feel free not to laugh along). Ahem. Hi!

We have recently and spontaneously acquired quite a collection of plants and flowers on our (only) windowsill, so I felt like sharing some pictures of our new roommates with you. Here they are at a glance:

It all started with some branches we picked up from a fallen tree limb in the park. (Actually, we didn't just pick up these branches, we also stocked up on some sturdier bits to make coat hooks like these... more about that later). They had beautiful big buds on them. I just couldn't let them die, right? So home with us they went and took up residence in a vase on our windowsill. We loved watching them open up a bit more every day. I think they're maple flowers. Aren't they lovely?

These were joined by the beautiful tulips D gave me for our 10-month (already!) wedding anniversary last week.

I love tulips! And I love yellow tulips even more. Also, it has been almost a week, and they are still nice and plump. They make me smile every time I see them. The pretty pink gerbera is a gift from my brother-in-law.

And finally, some little guys I planted over the weekend. Like this small Sempervivum. I sure hope he grows fast and sprouts little offspring so we can plant them all over the place. And Easter or not, wheat grass is always fun to have around. Can you see the little shoots?

And last but not least, another refugee. I found this daffodil bulb out on the street, with a green sprout peeking out from the top. Of course it had to come home with us. Notice the attempt at one of these tin can planters. I'm quite happy with the result. 

This is most definitely the most living plants we ever had at home (except perhaps the week after our wedding where we had ever so many flowers from our guests). Although we prefer outdoor plants, these tiny beginnings of life are filling me with joy. Who knows, maybe they'll grow on me (pun intended)?

What about you? What do you have growing at home now? Do you also like putting branches in water and watching them bloom? What do you keep you plants/flowers in?

Happy planting!


  1. I love my plants! I'm a biologist, so I tend to feel that they're way cooler than everyone else does. I have a venus fly trap called Fluffy, a pitcher plant, two orchids and currently lots of vegetable and flower seedlings :)

    Never tried putting branches in water! Maybe you'll be lucky and it'll grow new roots. My sister got a rose for Valentine's day - the flower is dead but the stem stayed alive and is sending out new shoots! Pretty cool!

  2. I love that you've named your Venus fly trap! When I was younger, we had a pitcher plant to which my brother and I would feed whole dead flies. In retrospective, that probably just gave it indigestion.

    I heard that you can actually plant rose clippings like that and that they would grow. Wouldn't it be fun to give that a try?