March 6, 2012

Spring DIY love

Hi all!

Although today is still a cold wintry day here in Montreal, I think we are slowly making our way towards spring. By the end of this week, we should reach a whopping 11 degrees! With all this weather-y excitement comes an urge to make something. Here are a few simple projects to freshen up our home I am thinking of this spring:

1. Anything wrapped in yarn becomes awesome. Branches? You got it! Via do stuff! blog.
2. I admit I'm not very diligent when it comes to marking plants, but these sweet polymer clay markers might just do the trick! And I'm sure there are other ways to use them as well... Via Wit & Whistle on instructables
3. Speaking of plants, some of ours will definitely end up in these nifty tin can planters. From Family Chic
4. You can never have enough items made from branches in your home. How about these lovely branch coat hooks? Via Garden Therapy.
5. Crepe paper daffodils are sure to put anyone in spring mood. I'm thinking these would make a beautiful garland for a doorway. Via To Be Charmed.

And these are just a few projects out of the hundreds that have been stewing in my head lately! I should definitely get started. 

What about you? Are you catching the spring bug as well just about this time of the year? How are you planning to spruce up your home?

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