February 28, 2012

Travel far and wide... and closer to home too.


I'm back from our Southwest adventure, full of wonderful memories and inspiring finds. I only wish we had another week - or month - to explore. 

The places we visited were every bit as beautiful as I imagined and even more breath-taking than any guidebook or photograph can convey. We hiked in amazing national parks like Zion, Bryce, and the Death Valley and in beautiful canyons, both narrow and wide, great and small. It really was a week of adventure and discovery, feeling disconnected from it all.  

It was definitely colder than I expected (though warmer than back home), but spring is on its way! This little guy was waiting for us to finish our breakfast so that he could swoop in and search for crumbs. 

And the pictographs! It felt surreal to be in such close contact with the art of people who populated the area hundreds of years ago. To me, they feel both ancient and surprisingly modern. Look at those patterns!

All in all, a wonderful, beautiful, out-of-this-world experience. Krtek the mole also enjoyed the trip! 

I am now at a stage of post-vacation grieving, frantically planning for some other trip just to keep the hype going. Travelling is addictive. Once you get going, there really is no stopping!

Have you been travelling lately? Far or near, makes no difference! I'm sure everyone wants to know!

P.S.: Speaking of travelling, Gabrielle from Design Mom has been on the topic of travel lately, sparking all sorts of great travel conversation all over the blogs. She recently started a Love the Place You Live project where readers can link their posts about places they live to Gabrielle's Love the Place You Live posts. Am I saying this clearly? Just go read about it! It's super exciting! Next one is March 19th, so go do some exploring!

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