January 14, 2012

One Line a Day

A dear friend has given my husband and me One Line a Day memory books for Christmas. So far, we have religiously been jotting down our day's events every evening. No peeking into each other's books!

I must admit, I didn't think I'd get so addicted to this book. As a teenager, I tried starting journals a dozen times, but never had the patience to keep them up for longer than a week. As much as I love writing, I just couldn't do it (what am I doing keeping a blog, you ask?). Well, turns out that the "a-few-sentences-a-day" formula works like a charm!

I have been thinking of other ways to preserve daily memories. There are all sorts of beautiful diy calendar journals and memory jars popping up on blogs. Wouldn't they make thoughtful presents for your loved ones?

1. Calendar Journal from Wit & Wistle
2. Memory Jar from SteamyKitchen
3. Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal from Design*Sponge

Jaden, from SteamyKitchen, has a wonderful post about these and other memory-preserving ideas.

Do you have a memory jar/calendar at home? Are your children involved in contributing to it? Or are you more of a journal/photo/home video type? Do tell!

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