December 12, 2012


Ever since 2001, I had a thrill every time we fell on a day that matched all three numbers. I always loved writing down the date and it felt somehow special and exciting! Today is the last "triple date" we are going to have in quite a while, and it makes me a little sad, I must admit.

Are you doing something special today? I didn't have anything twelve-related planned, but we are setting up our Christmas tree! Maybe it should have a hidden 12 somewhere in there...

In other news, Katy from no big dill is having a fun instagram party where she invites everyone to post a photo of their day at 12 minutes after each hour.

And on a more global scale, how does the One Day on Earth project sound to you? I can't wait to see the result!

Happy 12.12.12, everyone!

D took the photo above at the New York Public Library last time we were there in October. 

December 10, 2012

Gnome Goodness!

In my last post, I promised that I will publish my first attempt at a pattern. And so, ladies and gentlemen... today.... for the first time in the (short) history of this blog, I give you.... Mr. Gnome!

One day, I was going around my usual business when it hit me: we need a gnome. Because every house needs a gnome, that much is certain. So I sat down and drew one up. To my great surprise, I liked what I had come up with! Before I got cold feet, I hastened to make one out of felt. And now our home is officially gnomed! Mr. Gnome's favourite hangout is a giant pine cone we have in our living room, but he is very inquisitive and is often found in other locations around the apartment. We just can't get enough of his chubby legs!

Chances are you need a gnome too. If so, don't be shy and grab the pattern!


Mr. Gnome PDF Pattern

Here's how to go about assembling your gnome:

1. Cut one of each piece (and two for the hands) out of felt. The back is one solid colour of your choice. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of Mr. Gnome's back, but I chose a mustard yellow piece of felt for a fun contrast (you can sort of see it a little at the seams).

2. Using the dashed lines to guide you, glue the beard to the body and face first and then overlap with the hat. Glue the hands to the arms and the arms to the body.

You can use fabric glue if you have it, but I used regular white Elmer's glue and it holds well enough. Check the completed front against the back to make sure they are the same size.

3. After the glue has dried, you can start embroidering all the fun little details on the gnome's front. Add some beard hair and hat bling, perhaps a belt or cuffs. I added two little felt circles to define his feet in a colour to match the hat.

Make two French knots for the eyes, add a nose and a little smile to give you gnome some personality. You're almost there!

4. Starting at the one of the hat's bottom corners (I found that being the best place for me to start, but it's your call), stitch the back and front pieces together. I used a simple running stitch, but you can use a whip stitch or a blanket stitch or any other stitch you fancy.

A little before finishing, stuff the gnome, taking care not to over-stuff. He must be plump, but not bulging. Sew up the hole, tie off, hide the thread, and enjoy your new companion! Don't forget to give him a name!


Sewing not your thing? You can cut the front pieces out of paper and make a sweet little gnome card! Who wouldn't want one?

This being my first pattern, any feedback is appreciated! If you post about a gnome you made following this pattern, I would be delighted to see pictures! And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask me!


{Mr. Gnome hanging out with some owls from last year.}

This pattern is my own creation and is for personal use only. Please do not sell the pattern (as is or modified) or any gnomes made from it. Thank you for your understanding.

November 30, 2012

DIY of Christmas Past

With the holiday season in full swing (or almost) and December just around the corner, my head is constantly filled with new holiday-inspired crafts, "christmas diy" is my most frequent Pinterest search, and half-finished projects are littering the apartment. I can't wait to share some of our recent undertakings with you!

But first, here is a little round-up of last year's crafts along with the tutorials I used, when applicable. Maybe some of them will inspire you, too! (These photos are all mine, so please don't use them without proper credit!)

From left to right, top to bottom:

- Fabric-covered foam balls (via Whip Up). Such an easy way to get the sewn look without all the hassle!
- Glitter-covered pine cones. These are so simple to make and look stunning on the tree.
- These happy hoots (via Juicy Bits). I have no words to describe how awesome they are! I made these as presents and sewed up a parliament for our own tree.
- Pretty mushrooms from Oh the Cuteness!
- Felt matryoshka and fish ornaments of our own design (the fish was actually D's contribution)

These are all coming out of their box once our tree is up. I am so excited! I find that ornaments make such sweet keepsakes and presents: they are not cumbersome, very personal, and give joy year after year!

Happy crafting and stay tuned for some more ornaments (and my first pattern!).

November 22, 2012


It has been over two weeks since we came back from our trip to Japan. It is hard to believe that we were halfway across the world, strolling casually as you please, taking in the wonderful sights and meeting amazing people. And yet it's true! We had such a great time and I am so excited to be able to share some of my discoveries and pictures with you! 

My mind is a great heap of memories and snapshots of the trip. It is so difficult to single out an experience and at the same time impossible to wrap up all of my feelings in a few coherent sentences. Doesn't travelling do that to you too?

I was smitten by the attention to detail that the Japanese display in the day-to-day life. You can see it everywhere: in the convenience stores (the wonderful konbini we have learned to depend on), on the trains, in temples, on the street. I loved all the little shops and souvenir stalls, the adorably wrapped sweets, the careful instructions. I loved how people in shops and restaurants make a point of greeting you as you come in, making you feel special and welcome. Even if it is just part of the etiquette, isn't it a better way to spend the day? And I loved the familiar, friendly relationship people seem to entertain with their deities.

And you can bet that I could not pass by a single craft of stationary shop without poking my nose in! Japanese craftsmen put a lot of pride and care in their work, whether it as an everyday object or an intricate display piece. Even touristy souvenirs are often carefully hand crafted and truly unique to a certain area.

Washi tape!

But if we ever return to Japan for another trip (and I hope we do!), it will be for the mountains, the hot springs, and the volcanoes. Some of our favourite glimpses of Japan were those of the countryside and of the mountains, where people lead a slower life, closer to nature.

When travelling, we tend to have certain expectations. We read guidebooks, we hear stories, we are full of stereotypes and "common knowledge" about the places we go to. And that is normal. Sometimes we encounter just what we expected and sometimes we discover a side of which we never heard of. For me, Japan was an encounter with the unexpected. And what made it unexpected were not the sights or the places or the typical Japanese experiences (which were all excellent!), but rather the daily lives of regular people that we had the privilege to witness. Suddenly, Japan was not the mystical country I had imagined it to be... It was still beautiful and surprising and in many ways mysterious, but it was also welcoming, warm, and very familiar. And that made our trip that much more special.

And that is my little bit of Japan! What about you? Are you planning any trips great or small? If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

October 1, 2012

October is here!

I love love looove October. The air, the sky, the gorgeous colours... The thinning of biker crowds on the bike paths. The warm socks and sweaters. The smell of burning leaves. And of wet leaves. And of dry leaves. Really, any form of dead leaves smells good. :)

And as we enter this awesome month, here are some things that are keeping me in a great mood:

- The NYC Yarn Crawl. If you are in NYC next weekend (like I will be for my birthday!) and you love yarn, this is a great way to spend a day, methinks!

- Speaking of leaves, how cute is this garland?

- This post has me itching to try making my own soap. I think I'm about to cave!

- In the same vein, as I was looking for healthy alternatives to our everyday beauty products, I came upon the Be Green Bath and Body company. Their products look delightful and quite affordable!

- I can't get enough of all the pretty autumn boards on Pinterest. Go on, I dare you to look at just one.

I hope you're having a wonderful first day of October. Talk to you soon!

August 9, 2012

1-2-3 Sticky Colour Dots

We bought a map to take on our trip in the Fall (can you guess where?). And I thought it would be a good idea to mark the places we want to visit with sticky colour dots. Only I didn't have any on hand. And I needed some right away. What, isn't marking maps with sticky dots not an urgent task at your home?

Since I couldn't settle down until this was done, I rummaged in some drawers in search of inspiration and came up with this ridiculously simple DIY. Ready? Here goes!

What you will need:
  • Wax paper (or any other non-stick paper)
  • Tape (I used masking tape, but I bet washi tape would look lovely)
  • Hole punch

How to go about it:
  • Tear (or cut, if you're more patient than I am) a piece of wax paper. 
  • Stick strips of tape onto it.
  • Take your hole punch and make holes, baby! 
Isn't it pretty?

You'll end up with a bunch of confetti. Now all you have to do is peel*** the tape off the wax paper and stick! Ta-da!

*** I have not completely thought this through. So unless you have sharp long nails and/or tons of patience (neither of which I have), peeling the wax paper off is a bit of a pain. I recommend using tweezers to pry the paper from the tape. In the future, I think it would be nice to use the back of an old sticker sheet for this. The tape should probably come off easier. Probably. 

And voilà! Pretty colourful dot stickers in five minutes! I would try these with different shapes and tapes. Use for gift wrapping and greeting cards! So many possibilities!

P.S. I am very excited about this trip and can't wait to share the details with you! Stay tuned!

August 1, 2012

Royal Crochet

Have you seen glimpses of the surreal exhibition of crocheted figures that have taken over the Palace of Versailles?  They manage to look delightfully out of place and blend in with the interior at the same time. If I were anywhere near Versailles (or Europe, for that matter) I would have loved to make a day of it. 

The figure above is called Mary Poppins and it is the work of Joana Vasconcelos. You can find this and more photos and information here.

July 31, 2012

Long live cheap art

Last Sunday, we fell down a rabbit hole.

One that led us to a wonderland of open fields, free-spirited people, and larger-than-life puppets. And art. Whimsical, touching, down-and-dirty, cheap, and above all, irresistibly human.

This wonderland is called Bread and Puppet. Have you ever heard of it? It is tucked away in the hills of Vermont, in the village of Glover. Composed of full-time members and volunteers, Bread and Puppet is a "political theater": their representations and pageants are largely inspired by the political and social injustice happening around the world. Without lecturing, they will make you laugh (at the world? at yourself?) and get their message across.

We toured the old barn filled with puppets. We watched the Possibilitarian Circus perform in a field. We participated in the pageant! Do you remember dressing up and putting on shows for your parents when you were children? This is what it felt like. Hand-written posters, makeshift costumes, and boundless enthusiasm. Kids of all ages making art happen. And in the midst of it all, Peter Schumann, the founder, rocking the tallest stilts I've ever seen. Forget about age! When you step out onto their field, there is an irresistible urge to take your shoes off and be part of it all.

What struck a chord in me is their cheap art philosophy. "Art is food!" "Art is cheap!" "Art is for everyone!" they say. Anyone can make art. Look around you, use what you have, and let your creativity loose. Isn't that a great way of thinking?

Have you ever been to Bread and Puppet? Have you heard of them? Would you like to go?

July 9, 2012

Of iPads and Classrooms


I hope you are enjoying the fine summer weather. We definitely are. Our evenings and weekends have been filled with the Jazz festival, ice cream, fireworks, ice cream, bike rides, camping, taking dips in every suitable body of water.... and oh! ice cream.

As we were having supper at my in-laws yesterday, our friends shared some surprising news with us. At their son's high school (the same my husband went to), all textbooks are being transferred to iPad! Now being the book-lover that I am, my first and very predictable reaction went along the lines of WHAT????

Seriously. How are they going to teach the value of books to teenagers? How are they going to prevent them from playing games in class under the guise of solving a math problem? What about the feel of crisp, fresh pages and the excitement of neatly stacking all of your textbooks at the beginning of the year? And the book-covering ritual? And little stickers with your name and other vital information? What is happening to the world?

But then, as I was thinking about it and discussing it with D, I started finding some positive sides. No more carrying around of heavy book-laden backpacks, for one. Potential possibility of explaining difficult concepts with animations (think Physics). Keeping all of your textbooks in one place and not forgetting them in your desk/locker/bedroom. Having more space on your desk for writing instead of it being taken up by a ridiculously huge textbook.

I am not saying that I am convinced. What about the cost of the iPad? Some families cannot afford one, unless the schools start giving them out or loaning them out for the school year. What if it's dropped? I remember the state of some of my textbooks that have made the journey from the class shelf to the floor a few times, and yet were still usable. Can the same be said of an iPad? And what of the kids who need to be able to follow the text with their finger and flip through the pages in search of an answer? To highlight and write in the margins with a real pencil? How are we to teach patience and thoroughness to kids who can use the "search" function without reading the whole text?

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I don't think I would want this for my own kids. For now, in my mind, the advantages are too few in comparison to the worries the issue stirs up. For now.

What do you think? Have your kids already experienced the iPad in the classroom? How did they/you adapt to it? And if not, would you like to give it a go? Does it scare/excite you? How would you go about teaching the value of books to kids who are continuously being exposed to technology? I would love to hear from you!

The picture of the awesome-looking kid found here

May 30, 2012

It's not easy being green

Browsing my favourite blogs today, I came across two articles from unrelated and very different bloggers about the reality of green living in our daily lives. Have a look here (Zoe from Slow Mama) and here (Robert L. Peters).

It got me thinking about how the concept of  green living is a modern society phenomenon. Our ancestors didn't need to think about living green because they didn't have the options not to. They walked a lot more, they washed and rinsed by hand, they re-used and repaired and handed down.

Now progress happens because people want to make life easier and more diverse and I am not ready to give up our washing machine or our computer or our road trips. I am, however, glad that there is a collective awareness about the issues of technological progress and a will to incorporate green practices into our daily lives. I don't know if these two balance out. I am certain that not everything that seems or claims to be "green" really is. I am far from perfect in this domain, but I am willing to make a daily effort and I am happy that so many people are as well and, what's even more important, they are passing this willingness on to their children.

What do you think? Are the green living gestures we pose in our everyday life worth it and do you often think about what else you can do?

Photo by Tania (Montreal's Botanical Garden).

May 18, 2012

Crochet update

It's been almost four months since I have picked up crocheting.... and it is addicting in every way. I just wish I took pictures of all the items I made and gave away as gifts. So I want to share a couple of the projects I did manage to snap a picture of as well as some other lovely patterns to try out. 

My first project was the one proposed over at Craftyminx's online Crochet School, which I eagerly followed and still refer to in times of need. Craftyminx dissected a simple wrist warmer pattern for beginners in a video crochet-along. Not only was it a great starter project, the wrist warmers turned out to be very comfy. You can see me sporting them on my profile photo! Although, I must admit that after a week of wearing them in the desert while hiking and camping and a couple of ski trips around here, they are not looking as nice and shiny as they once did. 

I made a headband using the same technique and it also turned out great. And simple!

A more ambitious project was an elephant amigurumi. Inspired by this pattern, I made two elephants: a lime green one for my brother-in-law and this sweetie for my husband:

We love him! He lives on our dresser and keeps himself occupied by sucking up dust bunnies when we're away.

Then I went on a pear kick and crocheted these two guys to hang out in the kitchen. I found this sweet pattern by Planet June here (she always has the most adorable top-quality patterns). Pretty! And very fun to throw around. I'm already thinking of crocheting a bunch of colourful fruit for future kids to play with. :)

And these are all the pictures I have to share right now (totalling three, that's right). I am now crocheting a sun hat for a little girl's first birthday as well as a cami for myself. Will let you know how those turn out!

Here are some yummy crochet items that have caught my attention recently, in no particular order:

La Casa de Coto over on Etsy has some deliciously colourful poufs. Can you imagine lounging in a pile of those?
Inga over at Rockpool Candy boasts this brilliant little rug.
Doesn't this crochet bib necklace look like a fun addition to an outfit?
Back to Planet June for Mop Top Mascots. Mop Tops!!!

So, what do you think? Has any of you been up to some crafting lately? Sharing is good for you (and for my curious self).

P.S. We're due for some good weather this weekend in Montreal. Hope that you will have some sunshine as well. Go out and play!

April 11, 2012

How is it growing?

Haha. Don't you love my title. I am so witty. How is it growing? (Please feel free not to laugh along). Ahem. Hi!

We have recently and spontaneously acquired quite a collection of plants and flowers on our (only) windowsill, so I felt like sharing some pictures of our new roommates with you. Here they are at a glance:

It all started with some branches we picked up from a fallen tree limb in the park. (Actually, we didn't just pick up these branches, we also stocked up on some sturdier bits to make coat hooks like these... more about that later). They had beautiful big buds on them. I just couldn't let them die, right? So home with us they went and took up residence in a vase on our windowsill. We loved watching them open up a bit more every day. I think they're maple flowers. Aren't they lovely?

These were joined by the beautiful tulips D gave me for our 10-month (already!) wedding anniversary last week.

I love tulips! And I love yellow tulips even more. Also, it has been almost a week, and they are still nice and plump. They make me smile every time I see them. The pretty pink gerbera is a gift from my brother-in-law.

And finally, some little guys I planted over the weekend. Like this small Sempervivum. I sure hope he grows fast and sprouts little offspring so we can plant them all over the place. And Easter or not, wheat grass is always fun to have around. Can you see the little shoots?

And last but not least, another refugee. I found this daffodil bulb out on the street, with a green sprout peeking out from the top. Of course it had to come home with us. Notice the attempt at one of these tin can planters. I'm quite happy with the result. 

This is most definitely the most living plants we ever had at home (except perhaps the week after our wedding where we had ever so many flowers from our guests). Although we prefer outdoor plants, these tiny beginnings of life are filling me with joy. Who knows, maybe they'll grow on me (pun intended)?

What about you? What do you have growing at home now? Do you also like putting branches in water and watching them bloom? What do you keep you plants/flowers in?

Happy planting!

April 4, 2012

This and that

Hello friends!

Posting has been very slow lately, I know. I promise that I shall catch up and post all about the crafting I have been up to, including an update on my crochet adventures. I got to crocheting many things, but some of them have unfortunately already been given away. Must remember to take pictures before I give my creations as presents. Without boasting (alright, maybe with a little boasting), I must say I'm getting quite good at this!

Today, I just want to share some of the most wonderful finds and interesting posts that have been populating my head these past few days.

This morning, I woke up entirely obsessed with all shades of purple. I blame this breathtakingly beautiful post. The funny thing, I couldn't even remember why I was crushing on purple until I re-visited this image. So putting finds in the inspiration folder does pay off!

Here are some other finds in no particular order:

This Sharpie-dyed shirt. Looks so professional!
The beautiful modern paper sculptures by Helen Musselwhite.
There has been a season-appropriate conversations about de-cluttering and getting rid of old stuff going on over at Bryallen's blog. I'm in the mood for some spring cleaning!
I love looking at her photos.
Another appropriate topic: blogging lessons from SlowMama. So glad I found her blog! She is a source of endless inspiration.

And this is it for now. Hopefully, I will post something more substantial in the weeks days to come.

Lots of love all around!

P.S. I spy with my little eye a carpet of blue spring flowers from my window this very instant. Can't wait for the weekend!

Image taken from the Brigg post

March 24, 2012

Stitchin' Sheep

Hello all, happy weekend!

Recently, I have stumbled upon the sweetest cross-stitch book. Country au point de croix by Helen Wind is a collection of simple and irresistibly adorable country-style patterns. I am in love with the sheep pattern above. In fact, I have already picked the perfect spot for these guys in our bedroom.

The book is in French and I thought it was a translated copy. But it turns out that the book was written and published in France. But really, you need a minimal amount of French - if any - to make your way through it. Wouldn't these pretty Easter eggs be perfect for the season? I love repetitive patterns like these: I think they are a great colour/shape statement.

The patterns have a very fresh feel to them and there are different colour suggestions to many of them. I think this book would be great for beginner cross-stitchers because the patterns are simple, attractive, and very satisfactory to complete. My favourite kind of project!

Do you cross-stitch? What is your favourite style?

March 18, 2012

Loving the Place We Live - Montreal Edition!

Hello all!

Is it spring where you live yet? It has officially arrived here in Montreal. And I can tell that not because the weather is gorgeous or because we have taken our bikes out for the first time today... I can tell that spring is here because Montreal has spilled out onto the streets. Seriously. Today felt like every last person in this city came out to bask in the sunshine and ridiculously warm weather (22 degrees!). The cafés opened their outdoor terraces, the streets and balconies were full of happy people, and the line-ups at the ice cream shops were unbelievable. And it all kept me smiling all day long.

Remember how Gabrielle from Design Mom has started posting Love the Place You Live reports for people to share their little corners of the world? I decided to share some pictures from our first bike excursion to the market this season.

Jean-Talon is one of the biggest and liveliest farmer's markets in the Montreal area. It is situated in the Little Italy district, a bustling part of town chock-full of tiny family groceries and cosy little cafés, locals and tourists, retirees tending to their tomato plants and street musicians strumming their guitars.

On weekends, Jean-Talon attracts quite a crowd. There are those who are there to shop for fresh produce and those looking to snap that perfect market picture. There are the café-dwellers and the people-watchers. There are couples and families, farmers and grocers. There is a lot of laughing, sampling, shouting, gaping and stepping on people's feet going on. It is almost impossible to leave without armfuls of irresistible fruits and vegetables. And then trying to fit it all into your bikes' baskets.

Although the outdoor stalls are not open yet, there was a nice warm spring breeze going through the roofed market pavilion today. The atmosphere was electrifying! Outside, the maple syrup vendors set up shop. They were selling tire sur la neige - maple taffy made by pouring hot maple syrup over snow. Pure goodness, I tell you!

Jean-Talon market is definitely one of my favourite places to be in Montreal. It holds much of the essence of this city and of its people: love of good food, loud laughter, and more nationalities coming together than you can count. There are no guided tours or majestic views, but there is life, the kind of life that makes Montreal such a beautiful place to live - especially in this kind of weather!

What about you? Ever been to Montreal? Or have a favourite place of your own you would like to share? You know we want to know!

Have a great week!

March 6, 2012

Spring DIY love

Hi all!

Although today is still a cold wintry day here in Montreal, I think we are slowly making our way towards spring. By the end of this week, we should reach a whopping 11 degrees! With all this weather-y excitement comes an urge to make something. Here are a few simple projects to freshen up our home I am thinking of this spring:

1. Anything wrapped in yarn becomes awesome. Branches? You got it! Via do stuff! blog.
2. I admit I'm not very diligent when it comes to marking plants, but these sweet polymer clay markers might just do the trick! And I'm sure there are other ways to use them as well... Via Wit & Whistle on instructables
3. Speaking of plants, some of ours will definitely end up in these nifty tin can planters. From Family Chic
4. You can never have enough items made from branches in your home. How about these lovely branch coat hooks? Via Garden Therapy.
5. Crepe paper daffodils are sure to put anyone in spring mood. I'm thinking these would make a beautiful garland for a doorway. Via To Be Charmed.

And these are just a few projects out of the hundreds that have been stewing in my head lately! I should definitely get started. 

What about you? Are you catching the spring bug as well just about this time of the year? How are you planning to spruce up your home?

February 28, 2012

Travel far and wide... and closer to home too.


I'm back from our Southwest adventure, full of wonderful memories and inspiring finds. I only wish we had another week - or month - to explore. 

The places we visited were every bit as beautiful as I imagined and even more breath-taking than any guidebook or photograph can convey. We hiked in amazing national parks like Zion, Bryce, and the Death Valley and in beautiful canyons, both narrow and wide, great and small. It really was a week of adventure and discovery, feeling disconnected from it all.  

It was definitely colder than I expected (though warmer than back home), but spring is on its way! This little guy was waiting for us to finish our breakfast so that he could swoop in and search for crumbs. 

And the pictographs! It felt surreal to be in such close contact with the art of people who populated the area hundreds of years ago. To me, they feel both ancient and surprisingly modern. Look at those patterns!

All in all, a wonderful, beautiful, out-of-this-world experience. Krtek the mole also enjoyed the trip! 

I am now at a stage of post-vacation grieving, frantically planning for some other trip just to keep the hype going. Travelling is addictive. Once you get going, there really is no stopping!

Have you been travelling lately? Far or near, makes no difference! I'm sure everyone wants to know!

P.S.: Speaking of travelling, Gabrielle from Design Mom has been on the topic of travel lately, sparking all sorts of great travel conversation all over the blogs. She recently started a Love the Place You Live project where readers can link their posts about places they live to Gabrielle's Love the Place You Live posts. Am I saying this clearly? Just go read about it! It's super exciting! Next one is March 19th, so go do some exploring!

February 16, 2012

Daydreaming in colour

Hi all!

How was your Valentine's Day? I hope it was all you wanted it to be. Although I am not used to decorating for Valentine's, all the beautiful diy goodies popping up on blogs inspired me to make a simple little garland to hang at our bedroom's entrance. Being short on time, I opted for a string of colour swatch hearts. Simple and sweet!

But my mind is taken up by something altogether different these days. Tomorrow morning we are off to spend a week exploring the American Southwest. We are planing on touring parks in Utah and Arizona as well as the Death Valley in California. So exciting!!

For the past month or so, my husband and I have been looking at books and travel blogs and studying our favourite locations with Google Earth. And practically every day I have been dreaming of brilliant blue skies and red cliffs and dusty green shrubs. A world of colour. So I sat down to my trusty Photoshop and this is what I came up with. My very own Southwest palette.

I love that yellow!

What about you? Any exciting travel destinations in your future? Or one you like to dream of? Please share!

P.S.: My mom loved her pink birthday pom poms. She refuses to take them down. :)

February 2, 2012


Today is my mother's birthday. It is hard to believe that years before I was born my grandmother brought her own little bundle of joy into this world. And that that little girl grew up to be my mother. My love for making and crafting comes from my mother, an amazing self-taught seamstress and quite handy with a hammer, too. I grew up wearing the beautiful dresses she created for me. It seemed quite ordinary then, but growing up I realized how lucky I was... and still am!

Today, my mother is getting a (sshhhh!) surprise party. In the spirit of things, I made some tissue paper pom poms to hang above the surprise birthday table. I puffed one out the see how it looks, but the rest are still in their folded form for easier transportation. I can't wait to see how they will look hanging from the ceiling!

Most people cite Martha Stewart for the pom poms and she was perhaps the first official publisher of the tutorial, but I feel they have been around for much much longer (since the invention of tissue paper?). One way or another, there are many great photos and tutorials around the web and I have gone through a few before I decided on what exactly I wanted.

Also, I am proud of the "recycledness" of these pom poms. I used the paper saved from wedding gifts (our guests were really heavy on pink, for some reason) and twisty ties from the packaging used in the Christmas lights we bought this year. Ha! Being a hoarder does pay off!

There you have it. A whole post about paper pom poms. Now stop reading this and go make some of your own. They're addictive!